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Taboo Table Talk with Krish Mohan

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Jun 20, 2018

Musician, Activist & Writer, Liss Victory talks about her recent struggles with a concussion and traumatic brain injuries, how Krish & Liss met and coping with mental health issues while on the TransContinental Tour for the BIG 100th episode!

Listen to Liss’ new album available on Bandcamp:

The new format of the show includes weekly rants on the state of things which is called ‘the Dispatch’!

Dispatch: A personal experience with the Border Check Points, Immigration and the system!


  • June 22: TransCon Tour at City Pub in San Diego, CA
  • June 24: Van Nyus Comedy Club in Van Nyus, CA
  • June 25: Write Off Room in Los Angeles, CA
  • June 26: Flight’s Beer Bar in Hawthorne, CA
  • June 27: TransCon Tour at PianoFight in San Francisco, CA
  • June 29: TransCon Tour at Sam Bond’s in Eugene, OR
  • June 30: TransCon Tour at Siren Theater in Portland OR


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