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Taboo Table Talk with Krish Mohan

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Aug 9, 2017

Our FIRST Live Showcase & Panel EVER! Recorded on July 31, 2017 at Reed’s Local in Chicago, IL! Part 1 is the showcase with performances from Comedian Mark Hornback, Storyteller Lily Be, Musician Zack Weiss (aka Apres Pompeii) and Comedian Prateek Srivastava. Krish Mohan hosts with a breakdown of some of the issues the budgets! Mark Hornback talks about a scuffle at an Incubus concert and budget life hacks! Lily Be tells a story of stopping a fight in a bad neighborhood! Zack Weiss sings songs about love and budgeting time from his album ‘Lead’! Prateek Srivastava talk about his experiences as a teacher, performing in Indiana and more!



August 18 at Uel Zing Coffee in Bloomington, IN

August 17-27-INDYFRINGE at CsZ Indy!

8/19 @ 6pm

8/20 @ 1:30pm

8/21 @ 6pm

8/25 @ 9pm

8/26 @ 10:30pm

8/27 @ 6pm


August 30 at The Hill Tavern in Saginaw, MI

August 31 at Papa Pete’s in Kalamazoo, MI

September 1 at The Robin Theater in Lansing, MI


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