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Taboo Table Talk with Krish Mohan

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Sep 20, 2017

Musicians, Comedians and Poets workshop new material at the Pittsburgh Art House’s “Haus Labs”. Performances from Stacey Fluerime, Adam Cleeze & Lea Sky Silverbeam of Blue Clutch!



  • September 20 at Myrtle’s Punch House in Cincinnati OH
  • September 21 at The Hideaway in Johnson City, TN
  • September 23 at The Flat in Greenville, SC
  • September 24 at the Crown Station in Charlotte, NC
  • September 26 at The Hideout in Springfield VA
  • September 27 at The Laugh Index Theater in Washington D.C.
  • September 29 at Epicure Cafe in Fairfax VA


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