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Taboo Table Talk with Krish Mohan

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Jan 17, 2018

Comedian, former Anarchist and Punker, Michael Cohen talks about the touring in a Anarchist Puppet Troupe to comedy, how corporations are Proto-States to his stance on a hopeful future. Plus a story about the Rojeva society in Syria!

The new format of the show includes weekly rants on the state of things which is called ‘the Dispatch’!

Dispatch: Chelsea Manning is running for Senate in Maryland and what that means for the Democratic Party!


  • January 19: Garden Grove Brewing Company in Richmond VA (with Andrew Frank)
  • January 20: Gorilla Theater in Charlottesville VA (with Andrew Frank)
  • January 25: Literboard in Knoxville TN (with Andrew Frank)
  • January 26: GTSouth Geek and Gaming Tavern in Montgomery AL (with Andrew Frank)
  • January 27: Alcove Tavern in Tuscaloosa AL (with Andrew Frank)
  • January 29: Maggie Meyers Irish Pub in Huntsville AL (with Andrew Frank)
  • January 30: Midtown Crossing Grill in Memphis, TN (with Andrew Frank)


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