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Taboo Table Talk with Krish Mohan

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Feb 14, 2018

Comedian Derek Minto, host of Hambone’s Comedy, talks about running open mics, Stand Up classes, the nature of journalism in the current political climate and nerding out on Marvel movies.

The new format of the show includes weekly rants on the state of things which is called ‘the Dispatch’!

Dispatch: We dive into the origins of Valentines Days, from it’s Pagan roots to the Christian ones, it all leads back to shopping!


  • February 17: At North in Chicago, IL
    February 18: Club Underground in Minneapolis, MN
  • February 20: Brink in Madison, WI
  • February 21: Good City Brewing in Milwaukee, WI
  • February 22: Wuderkammer in Ft. Wayne, IN
  • March 1: The Press Club in Huntington, WV
  • March 2: Blank Slate in Elyria, OH
  • March 3: Summit Shack in Bowling Green, OH

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