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Taboo Table Talk with Krish Mohan

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May 30, 2018

Comedian Drew Whitney Morgan talks about his background as a public defender and transitioning to comedy and talking politics on stage on the Well Red Comedy Tour and touring the South!

The new format of the show includes weekly rants on the state of things which is called ‘the Dispatch’!

Dispatch: Do we need to arm our teachers?


  • June 2: TransCon Tour at Bexar Stage in San Antonio, TX
  • June 6: Spit Bucket at Gatsby in Austin TX
  • June 7: TransCon Tour at Kick Butt Cafe in Austin, TX
  • June 8: TransCon Tour at Killers in Denton TX
  • June 14: TransCon Tour at the Bird City House Show in Phoenix, AZ
  • June 15: Schoolhouse of Rock in Tucson AZ (details coming soon)
  • June 22: TransCon Tour at City Pub in San Diego, CA


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